Espriu is a comprehensive business law firm based in Barcelona advising multinational companies, entrepreneurs, growth companies and investors in a wide range of industries operating in Spain. We deliver sophisticated legal and business advice with outstanding service to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.


As business lawyers we deliver our service to multinational companies, entrepreneurs, growth companies and investors in a wide range of industries operating in Spain. We deliver prompt and clear legal advice covering the full spectrum of services required by any business player, no matter the size or complexity of the issue at stake.


Whatever the subject, our role is the same: Fiercely to guard our clients’ interests, and that often means showing we care beyond the call of duty, making their problems our own, so that they can feel confident we will solve them quickly and professionally.


We focus on building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing results-driven solutions, unparalleled service and the highest standard of legal advice, always informed by the business context.


At Espriu we know every client is unique. We understand the importance of spending the time to learn about each one’s individual business and their ultimate objectives. Our goal is to identify both the general and industry-specific issues so that every decision the client makes is an informed one.


We aim to be full business partners with our clients – their success is our success.

Markets we advise


> Consumer Goods & Manufacturing

> Chemical Industry

> Internet and E-Commerce

> Entertainment and Digital Media

> Real Estate

> Venture Capital & Startups

> Public Administration

Tools & Resources



We obtain results through innovative lawyering while keeping low overhead, trim staffing and flexible fees.



We have the technology resources necessary to improve communication and collaboration, drive efficiency and make geography unimportant.


Networked Experience:

Our clients have access to the expertise of our lawyers and the firm’s network of affiliates, wherever they are based. Our lawyers function as an integrated team and are linked by constant interaction that allows us to bring to every client the wealth of experience of our firm and its network to serve our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

A specific request beyond our specific scope of expertise may be rendered in cooperation with referral lawyers or specialists of the firm’s network. Under complete supervision from Espriu -to make sure all service is delivered under the same excellence standards- we will match your request with lawyers/specialists who hold themselves out as practicing in the legal area/field relevant to your circumstances.



Espriu provides legal advice in English language. All documentation to be produced during any specific advice (reports, corporate documents, agreements, etc) would be delivered in double column Spanish-English at the client’s request.



At Espriu we acknowledge the importance of clearly defined, uniformly embraced values to steer our work towards sustained quality and excellence. Our values represent our firm philosophy and govern everything we do, describe our culture and how we work with our clients.


> COMMITMENT – Persistently strive to achieve our goals and our clients’ goals while adhering to our values.


> EXCELLENCE – Highest standards – adding value at all times; constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow.


> INTEGRITY – We work diligently to preserve and protect the trust of our clients by being accountable for our actions.


> INCLUSIVENESS – Trusted relationships; relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and integrity.

Terms of engagement


These Terms of Engagement will apply to all services that Espriu provides to a client unless otherwise specifically agreed with the client.

Our client

Our client on any particular matter (referred to in these Terms of Engagement (Terms) as our Client or you) will be the party identified as such in the Letter of Engagement unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Scope of work

All matters will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws and the rules of professional conduct of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association). Our duties are owed to our Client and any advice given is for the benefit of our Client alone. Unless otherwise expressly agreed or required by law, our duties will not extend to any other person.


We do not purport to be experts in all fields of law and we will, where we consider it necessary or desirable to do so, secure advice on particular aspects of the matter from other lawyers


Confidentiality of all clients’ information is of key importance to us. We will not disclose confidential information obtained as a result of acting for you unless required or authorised by you, or required by the relevant Spanish Law.


We will charge a fee which is reasonable for the services we provide to you. In determining our fee, we will take into account the hourly rates of our personnel who have worked on the matter, as well as other relevant criteria approved by the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association), including:


  • the skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility required;
  • the time expended;
  • the value of any property or money involved;
  • the importance of the matter to our Client;
  • the complexity of the matter;
  • the number and importance of the documents prepared or perused;
  • the urgency and circumstances in which the business is transacted.

Other charges

We will also charge you for disbursements, such as travel and accommodation costs, search, registration and filing fees, courier costs, and other external costs such as fees of agents, experts and other professionals incurred by us in relation to the entrusted matter. We will discuss with you any major or unusual expenditure before we incur it and where a material disbursement is likely to be incurred, we may ask that this be paid to us before that cost is incurred. We will also invoice you for a standard service charge to cover general office services provided by us (for example photocopying, faxes, telecoms charges, deliveries, and postage).

Billing and accounts

We usually issue invoices for our services on a monthly basis, but will invoice on a different basis if we have specifically agreed with you to do so or a different approach is appropriate. Unless otherwise agreed with you, invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of issue. Payment can be made by direct payment to our bank account. Our fees and other charges are payable on invoice and unless otherwise agreed with you we will not issue a separate monthly statement.

Conflicts of interest

If a conflict of interest arises in relation to a matter on which we have been instructed, we will discuss that conflict with our Client and agree a possible solution. Where we receive instructions that give rise to a conflict of interest, we may need to refer you and the other client to other lawyers for independent legal advice. Where we are already acting for you on a matter and a conflict arises, we may have to discontinue our involvement for you in that matter.

We may accept instructions to act for other clients or potential clients who operate in the same market as you or who may otherwise compete with you, but will not act on a matter that: – is related to a matter on which we are currently acting for you, without your consent; or – would require us to disclose confidential information that we have obtained from you. We will not disclose your confidential information to another client nor will we disclose another client’s confidential information to you. We will not knowingly accept instructions from you to commence proceedings against another client of ours or from another client to commence proceedings against you.

Electronic communications

Unless otherwise agreed with you, we may communicate with you and others by electronic means. As you will be aware, such communications are not secure and may be subject to unauthorized interception, interference, error or virus. While we will take all reasonable steps to protect our communications from such issues, we will not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any damage or loss if they occur.


Information about the Client

We may collect and retain information about you as part of providing services to you. We will use this information to inform you of changes in our business, to advise you of matters that we reasonably believe may be of interest to you and to advise you of matters that may impact on the way in which we may in the future provide services to you. The information referred to will be held at our office in Barcelona or those of our service provider. You have the right at any time to have access to any information we hold about you and to ask us to correct any incorrect information. Should you wish to review the information held by us about you, please contact us at or by telephone on +34 696.911.801.

Files and records

We will retain files we establish on a matter, and any documents you leave with us, for at least five years after the end of our involvement in the matter. We may then destroy them at the end of that period unless we explicitly agree with you in writing that we will retain them for a longer period. We may store those files and documents at premises outside our offices, which may be operated by independent service contractors. If you uplift your files or documents, we may make copies of them before giving them to you.


You may terminate our engagement at any time and we may terminate it in the circumstances permitted by the Spanish Estatuto General de la Abogacía (General Statute of the Lawyer Practice).

Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by Spanish law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.